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The UK 2050 Calculator
Energy Electricity Security Flows Map Story Costs Air Share
Domestic transport behaviouri1234
Shift to zero emission transporti1234
Choice of fuel cells or batteriesi1234
Domestic freighti1234
International aviationi1234
International shippingi1234
Average temperature of homesi1234
Home insulationi1234
Home heating electrificationiABCD
Home heating that isn't electriciABCD
Home lighting & appliancesi1234
Electrification of home cookingiAB
Growth in industryiABC
Energy intensity of industryi123
Commercial demand for heating and coolingi1234
Commercial heating electrificationiABCD
Commercial heating that isn't electriciABCD
Commercial lighting & appliancesi1234
Electrification of commercial cookingiAB
Nuclear power stationsi1234
CCS power stationsi1234
CCS power station fuel mixiABCD
Offshore windi1234
Onshore windi1234
Tidal Streami1234
Tidal Rangei1234
Biomass power stationsi1234
Solar panels for electricityi1234
Solar panels for hot wateri1234
Geothermal electricityi1234
Hydroelectric power stationsi1234
Small-scale windi1234
Electricity importsi1234
Land dedicated to bioenergyi1234
Livestock and their managementi1234
Volume of waste and recyclingiABCD
Marine algaei1234
Type of fuels from biomassiABCD
Bioenergy importsi1234
Storage, demand shifting & interconnectioni1234